Unique wedding ceremony in Vedic tradition.
South India, Kerala state, Varkala, 2014-2015.
   For the wedding ceremony we chose an extremely beautiful place on a mountain with the wonderful view of the ocean.
   The ceremony is held under the tent decorated with flowers and incenses. It starts in the morning. Brahmin (Indian priest) says a special mantra. Live Indian music plays during the ceremony. The bridegroom and bride exchanges their golden rings with their names. The bridegroom puts a pendant with the portrait of Krishna on the bride.
   After the ceremony the bridegroom decorates the neck of the bride with tulasi beads and then the bride does the same.
   Then comes the special meal on bananas’ leaves with 11-12 kinds of karri, with two kinds of sweets and water.
After the wedding dinner everybody has a rest, changes their clothes and prepares for the wedding supper.
Evening performance.
♦ Traditional Indian dances Kathakali or Kalaripayattu show.
♦ Traditional Indian live music, tabla or bamboo flute.
♦ Vegetarian food without onion and garlic and wedding cake.
♦ For the first wedding night there is a bedroom with silk sheets; the bedroom is decorated with flowers in Indian style.
Bride and bridegroom’s attributes.
1. Sari for the bride, lungi with a special scarf for the bridegroom. It may be silk or cotton. Clothes for the morning ceremony should be white.
2. Coloured clothes for the evening. It may be silk or cotton, as You wish.
3. Golden rings with the names inside of it.
4. Chain that the bridegroom puts on the bride. It may be a golden chain or just a yellow thread. Pendant with the portrait of Krishna should be golden.
5. Tulasi beads for the bride and bridegroom.
6. Artist that helps the bride to get dressed and that decorates her head with flowers, does make up and applies Mehndi on her hands and feet.
The price INCLUDES:
— bride and bridegroom’s clothes (morning, evening);
— golden rings, golden pendant and beads;
— flowers and incenses;
— wedding dinner and supper;
— make up and fashion artist;
— Brahmin;
— musicians and actors;
— wedding bedroom;
— organize a professional photographer for You;
— invite an elephant for Your wedding;
— organize a wedding trip on the houseboats.
Mean price for 15 persons is about 7000 USD.