According to Ayurveda, there are 107 vital points on the human body called «marma». In these vital points arises condensed information of the organism, its organs and organic system, but also contents of consciousness and emotions on the body surface. Marma points are similar to the body meridians (Chinese medicine). But the therapy is considered as the ancient Indian system of healing.
  Through these marmas we can stimulate the function of internal organs, strengthen self-healing power and harmonize mind and body.
  There are a lot of different ways of the activation of marmas. For example, through the slow yoga movements, through Panchakarma treatments, called Sirodhara or through the oil massage — Abhayangam. Also, marmas can be stimulated mentally. Meditations help to renew the energy flows in three main marmas: on a head, in a heart and in a lower abdomen. We should stimulate them in the first place because these marmas have an influence on the small ones. Marma therapy is tailored to your individual dosha balancing needs. Using essential oils, marma points are gently massaged one after another by the highly qualified masters.
  This therapy helps to relieve anxiety, depression, improve digestion, promote mental and emotional clarity and alleviate any type of pain. Therapeutic touch is used to treat marma points. Very gently pressure, like acupressure, is used on the marma points. Massaging marma points is most often done in conjunction with a partial or full abhayanga.
Benefits of Marma Therapy:
♦ balances doshas;
♦ increases digestive fire;
♦ improving digestion;
♦ reduces ama (toxins);
♦ promotes energy;
♦ rejuvenates;
♦ particularly good for structure problems and arthritis;
♦ relieves nerve pain;
♦ promotes deep relaxation.
Marmas are devided into 5:
1. Ones that cause severe pain.
2. Ones, the injury of which leads to a sudden death.
3. Ones, the injury of which leads to a slow death.
4. Ones, the damage of which can effect a handicap.
5. External objects that thurst in (like arrows, stones) when pulled out can lead to death.