SUN gives inspiration, self-consciousness, the power of will, personal conduct. To open the potential you should not be afraid of being responsible, you should redeem promises, «shine» like the Sun for everybody. The Sun is important for males: it gives courage, ability to protect and create conditions for their families.
MOON gives calmness, internal happiness, intuitive nature, sense of purpose. To open the potential you should calm your mind, harmonize emotions, take care of family. The Moon is important for females: it gives internal harmony, calmness and femininity..
MARS gives intellectual endowments, progress in communications. To open the potential you should expand your ability to communicate, use your intellect properly, do not tell lies.
MERCURY gives intellectual ability, advances in communications. For realizing the potential need to develop the ability to communicate, to use intellect for the good things, do not resort to deception and tricks.
JUPITER gives wisdom, optimism, generosity, kindness. To open the potential you should respect your teachers, cultivate moral conduct.
VENUS gives understanding of beauty, charm, ability to enjoy, make a decision and love sincerely. To open the potential you should avoid the external sources of enjoyment and find this sources inside. It is necessary to get rid of the sense of dependence upon your beloved, not to be jealous.
SATURN gives patience, ability to work hard, humility. To open the potential you should cultivate all these senses.
RAHU gives perspicacity, new ideas. Rahu creates an illusion and ability to look through the illusion of your imaginations and desires but not follow them.
KETU gives concentration, penetration. It is a planet of liberation. To open the potential you should look inside yourself, concentrate on your true inwardness.
Vedic astrology is the most powerful form of astrology.
 According to Vedic astrology, identification of physical and mental health is the basis of astrology forecasts.